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What is Billion Broadcaster?

Billion Broadcaster is a lift advertising service provider venture of Abbie IT Mart Pvt. Ltd. It effectively brings value to the existing brands enhancing their future prospects. It offers various advertising platforms for spreading effective information through advertising campaigns. The products under Billion Broadcaster can be placed at commercial buildings, shopping malls, residential complexes, and a number of outdoor spaces.

What are the things required for the installation of Billion Broadcaster?

The things that are required to install Billion Broadcaster are;

  • Space to install the Screen and Frame Poster
  • Electricity to operate the screen
  • Internet to broadcast live advertisements

What is Audio Video Media?

Audio Video Media is a remote controlled, intelligent broadcasting system with features such as;

  • Supports several files, including images, videos, music etc.
  • Double USB interface, network interface, and WIFI antenna
  • The screen size ranges from 19-80 inches which provides a high-quality pixel of 1080P
  • The equipment can be installed inside and outside of lifts
  • Power Assumption:25W
  • Remote controlling and operation properties, on and off time setting, date and weather settings etc.

BB provides the platform for releasing daily work information (example: latest news, lost and found notices, birthday wishes, rental information etc.)

What is a Frame Poster?

A Frame Poster is a tastefully designed frame for attaching ad campaign contents.

  • The Frame Posters measures 434 mm x 570 mm
  • Its intricate features are perfected with high-resolution pixel designs
  • The frame can be installed inside and outside of lifts

What is a Video Projection?

The Video Projection uses a technology which stores the ad contents in its system and these ads are displayed on the wall of building establishments.

  • The projection equipment stays off when the lift is open, but as soon as the lift shuts its door, the ads are automatically displayed
  • A small equipment that functions as the projector is installed on top of the wall
  • The equipment measures 89.6 cm in width and 33.6 cm in height
  • This device is a popular choice for businesses due to its high resolution and interactive features

How can we get in touch with you and know more about your services and products?

Go to the Home page of our website and click on the ‘First Consultation Free’ button, you will be re-directed to a page where you have to fill up your required credentials and click on Send. Our experts will get back to you shortly and answer all your queries.

What are the benefits of Billion Broadcaster?

Billion Broadcaster can help brands reach a wider audience through digital ad campaigns. Our media broadcasters are installed in places that experience heavy human traffic which is why your ads will gain more attention (potential customers). The billion broadcaster devices are sleek & stylish in design with built-in technology that is top grated and innovative.

What if I wanted to install the Billion Broadcaster inside my building but there are no vacant spaces to install it?

The Billion Broadcaster products are sleek and compact which can easily fit inside or outside the walls of the lift.

How is the installation done?

There are 2 ways to install the backboard of Billion media

  • 1st Method:Fix the backboard to the wall with screws and place it horizontally. Then hang the equipment on the wall with the existing pothooks.
  • 2nd Method: If drilling of the wall isn’t allowed in the building then drill holes only for the screws and the backboard can be fixed on the wall with strong double-sided adhesive tapes and reinforced with glass cement.

How long is the installation process?

 In the case of drilling installation it takes 1 hour for the complete installation process. If drilling isn’t allowed in the building then we provide the pasting method (which is explained in the above question), in the pasting process it takes 4 hours for the installation.

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