Audio & Video Media

  • It supports a variety of files including images, videos, music etc.
  • The device has a double USB interface, a network interface, and Wi-Fi antenna
  • Its screen sizes between 19 to 22 inches and comes along with 1080, high-quality pixel resolution
  • Audio & Video Media can be installed either outside or inside of the lifts
  • Its power assumption is 25 W
  • The controlling and operation (on-off, date setting, weather etc.) of the device is managed with a remote
  • Builds a target audience
  • Targeted at middle and upper-class consumers
  • The daily coverage of our ads reach over 300 million of the population in metro cities
  • High frequency and memorable
  • High impact reach, precision

Frame Posters

Intricate Design

  • The Frame Posters measures 434 mm x 570 mm
  • Its delicate features are perfected with high-resolution pixel designs

High Impact Reach, Precision

  • Installed in middle and high-level buildings
  • Covers dominant consumer groups

Attracts Targeted Consumers

  • High contact frequency, perfect display time to capture audiences
  • Sufficient information reading and high recall rate of ads
  • An effective platform for a new product launch, terminal promotion and other information that enhances exposure

Video Projection

  • Innovative Business Identity Building Mode
  • Super Wide Display
  • State of the Art Technology


  • The equipment measures 89.6 cm in width and 33.6 cm in height
  • The projection equipment is installed on the ceiling
  • The Video Projection uses a technology which stores the ad contents in its system and these ads are displayed on the wall of building establishments
  • The projection equipment stays off when the lift is open, but as soon as the lift shuts its door, the ads are automatically displayed
  • A small equipment that functions as the projector is installed on top of the wall
  • This device is a popular choice for businesses due to its high resolution and interactive features

Magic Poster

Unique Design

  • Comes in two forms; Magic Poster(79cm x 32 cm) & Full Magic Poster(40cm x80 cm).
  • Its sleek material gives an impressive illusion of a digital screen.

Convenient Product

  • Highly compatible with walls due to its handy form.
  • Extremely light weighted and easy to paste & remove.

Impactful Result

  • Attractive design and graphics grab the audience’s attention.
  • The clear and elegant look adds style & increase awareness.