Frame & Posters Media

Intricate Design

  • The Frame Posters measures 434 mm x 570 mm
  • Its delicate features are perfected with high-resolution pixel designs


High Impact Reach, Precision

  • Installed in middle and high-level buildings
  • Covers dominant consumer groups


Attracts Targeted Consumers

  • High contact frequency, perfect display time to capture audiences
  • Sufficient information reading and high recall rate of ads
  • An effective platform for a new product launch, terminal promotion and other information that enhances exposure

Brand Management Strategy

High Education

Age from 25-55 years old

Middle& High Class

Middle & High class client with strong consuming ability

Middle& High Income

Main driving force of purchasing and consuming ability, Positive economic activities

Middle & High Consumer

Leader and Follower of fashion and vogue

How Does It Work

Aiming to drive traffic to your businessthe crux of our working lies in the fact that a general person uses the elevator or lift in the residential complex 4 times a day on an average. He spends approximately 30-60 seconds, which are non-distractive, owing to no mobile networks or any other work in the secluded area.