Our products primarily target the middle class and high-income earners of India. Our precise and unique media broadcasting medium highlights the values of a brand for customers through media broadcasting.

Billion Broadcaster Media is an efficient time and resource-saving technology that aids in productive brand operations. It is a platform that transmits informative messages, beneficial for property establishments. Billion Broadcaster Media is a high-tech media communication platform that broadcasts the latest news, notifies in case of lost and found, displays birthday greeting, provides information on rental tariffs etc. It is a system that will be a vital approach to communication because it is a window that is equipped to allow the property to transmit information to consumers inside and outside the building.

Billion Media makes judicious utilization of spare resources as the system equipment can be installed on lift walls, utilizing the empty spaces. It is an advertising medium which can be both entertaining and knowledgeable as it broadcasts’ informative messages via advertisements while people wait for the lift.



Prompt Services

Provide state-of-the-art technology


  • Reliability

We have quick solutions to resolve all the issues our clients faces. Our team of experts have years of experience and provides nothing but the best services within the allotted time-frame.

  • Consistency

Billion Media understands the core requirements of successful marketing and we work tirelessly day in and out to deliver productive advertising methods for you.

  • Prompt Services

Does your Billion Media devices need to be updated or require some fix-up? Get in touch with our 24 hours customer support and we will fix your problems.

  • Provides state-of-the-art technology

We understand our clients as we know that to compete in the industry you need to outshine your competitors which is why our marketing tools are always updated with the latest digital technology.


  • 1. Briefing

    The advertiser must give a brief on what the product or service which is meant to be advertised is about.

  • 2. Research

    Study the market and be aware of what types of advertising strategies your competitors practice. Research the consumers’ behaviors and discover ways to access the resources you will require.

  • 3. Target Audience

    Identify the target audience who are most probably going to purchase what you offer. For example; if the product is a men’s cologne then the ad content must be focused on men who would use similar products.

  • 4. Setting-up a Budget

    Plan the budget ahead of time to avoid any fund shortages.

  • 5. Selecting the Media Platform

    Remember to opt for a media platform that will help the ad campaign to reach the desired target audience in the most effective way.

  • 6. Creating the Advertisement, Finalizing the Location and Time

    Designing an ad that will be appealing to the target audience is very important, likewise, the location where the campaign will be put and the perfect time for installation is mandatory.