We broadcast, we promote, and push all kinds of brands from a wide range of industries empowering them to gain from what they already have. We delve deep into creating beautiful and compelling ads that can hit the consumers’ minds within a small time-span.

Billion Broadcaster offers the clients an exclusive set of media platforms for a high-end brand transformation by reaching out to the targeted audience. This location- based branding help companies reach milestones as the out-of-home media platform of Billion Broadcaster aims to develop a sense of relativeness and advantage in consumers’ minds.

In other words, the Lift Media advertising focuses on taking these brands to the people having high purchasing capacity. Billion Broadcaster acts as a window that allows the property to transmit useful information to consumers inside and outside the building.



Prompt Services

Provide state-of-the-art technology


  • Quality

We resolve the client’s minor to major concerns regarding ads. The team of experts at Billion Broadcaster conceptualize the very ideas into masterpieces within the stipulated time.

  • Trust

We understand the bright side of every project and try to convey the same to our clients in the form of top-class advertisements fully customizable and relevant as per clients’ needs.

  • Availability

Our clients are our priority as we are ready to help you anytime. Any fix-up of the advertising devices is backed by our 24 hours unmatched customer support to fix your problems.

  • Refreshing

We keep new things coming to our clients to rejuvenate their experience every time with us. We focus on highlighting the portfolio of any kind of business through specialized processes.


  • 1. Briefing

    The process starts with gathering brief information and discussion of the product or service to be advertised about.

  • 2. Research

    Research the consumers’ behaviors and discover ways to utilize the resources as per the product or service.

  • 3. Target Audience

    Analyze the visibility and recall value of the ads as per the location, the nature of the product or service, and the target audience.

  • 4.Budget analysis

    The most important part is to prepare a budget plan as per the clients’ needs, from the initiation to the finalization of the ads.

  • 5. Broadcasting medium

    Remember to opt for a perfect media platform that will help the ad campaign to reach the target audience in the most effective way.

  • 6.Choosing location & time

    Last but not least, the ad campaign needs a suitable location and the perfect time for the display to persuade the target audience.