Who We Are

About Billion Broadcaster Media

Billion Broadcaster turns out to be one of the revolutionary products of Abbie IT Mart Private Limited tailored as per the needs of the current century and the years to come. The cutting-edge technology is inbuilt in the digitally powered screens that are specialized in broadcasting advertisements of any kind.

The advertising products are designed to attract maximum audience attention. The audience targeted is the top-class society as well as corporates.

This advertising product enables brands to plan something worth investing in. This precise way of ad campaigns helps brands keep going with the existing product or launching a new one.

Principles of Our Work

Sharp innovative approach

We are deeply rooted in authenticity that drives unique ideas in every piece of work.

Relevant resolutions

You are the mastermind of your campaign as we follow your choices and make it happen.

Provide 24/7 customer support

Our team of professionals is capable of assisting clients with consistency and expertise.

Huge client network

A glorious list of clients motivates us to go with double enthusiasm and advancement.


Customer-satisfaction is the core belief that helps us deliver high-quality work.

Advanced operations

We cater to our clients with a comprehensive but simplified advertising campaign.